Constitution Day of the Republic of Belarus

Constitution Day in Belarus — a national holiday. The first Constitution of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus (SSRB) was adopted at the I Congress of Soviets of Byelorussia February 3 in 1919. Its content was permeated with the idea of ??the dictatorship of the proletariat, which was enshrined in the Constitution itself. She later changed repeatedly.

27 July in 1990 adopted the Declaration of the Supreme Council "On the State Sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus." Declaration proclaimed the "full state sovereignty of the Republic of Belarus as a rule, independence and completeness of the government of the republic within its territory, the legitimacy of its laws, the republic's independence in foreign relations."

In the future, on August 25 in 1991, the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the special law was given the status of constitutional law under which the changes were made to the Constitution in 1978 year.

In these legal and policy was being developed under the new Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, which was adopted by 15 March in 1994.

Constitution Belarus is composed of a preamble, nine sections in which 8 chapters and 146 articles.

November 24 in 1996 on the results of the national referendum of the Constitution was amended a October 17 in 2004 by referendum of the Constitution were seized provision limiting the right of one person to be elected president more than two consecutive terms.