World Consumer Rights Day

buyer (customer) is always right!
The popular saying

Today the world celebrates World Consumer Rights Day (World Consumer Rights Day), which is usually celebrated in anniversary of U.S. President (John F Kennedy) in Congress in 1961. In his speech, the president was formulated four basic consumer rights:

right to security,
right to information,
right to choose and
right to be heard.

Later they added four more: the right to compensation, the right to consumer education, the right to satisfaction of basic needs and the right to a healthy environment. First day was marked by 15 March in 1983, when he was enshrined in the international calendar holiday dates as the World Consumer Rights Day.

In Russia this day has been recognized since the adoption of the Law ? 2300-1 «On Protection of Consumer Rights» February 7 in 1992. The Law regulates the relationship between consumers and manufacturers, importers, performers, sellers in the sale of goods (works, services), establishes the rights of consumers to purchase goods (works, services) of good quality and safe for life, health, property, consumer and environmental , obtaining information about the goods (works, services) and their manufacturer (performer, seller), education, government and public defense of their interests, and also determines the mechanism for the implementation of these rights.

The main defender of the rights of consumers Russia is the Consumers Union of the Russian Federation (SPRF), established in December 1990. Currently SPRF brings together more than 100 national, regional, provincial, municipal and district associations — the majority of really working in the Russian organizations for the protection of consumers' rights.

Over the years, more than a million applied to SPRF citizens whose consumer rights have been violated, have a qualified legal assistance.