International Day of pups

Armed Forces Day is celebrated pups March 15 in many countries of the world, it was established on the initiative of the International Fund for Animal Welfare IFAW.

Belka — young harp seals — are hunted for many decades, primarily due to his beautiful fur. It is a demand for this fur, often dictated by fashion trends rather than a necessity, drives people to destroy these animals in large numbers. A few years ago it could be legally sold in Europe, Russia, China and many other countries.

Harp seals are found in the North Atlantic, White, Barents, Kara, and Greenland seas. Eleven months tyuleniha bears cubs in the spring adult females and males are raised for a few weeks on the ice of the sea, there appeared to their offspring — charming and defenseless Belek. About two weeks after the birth, while the female feeds the milk, Belka is a snow-white fur. It is because of this fur seal pups every year tens of thousands and killing, and killing them is very cruel: they were beaten to death with iron clubs. By cruelty, barbarity and the number of murders, the fishing is second to none. And by the end of the 20th century, commercial hunting of harp seal pups has put this species on the brink of extinction.

One of the first to come out against the extermination of pups International Fund for Animal Welfare IFAW, and that this issue has attracted widespread public attention. To join the defenders more and more people who could not remain indifferent to the barbaric and senseless fishing. Every year in March, around the world organized demonstrations and pickets thousandths. Through this active work, the authorities in many countries have been forced to adopt economic measures to allow fishing pups unprofitable. And since 1986, the import and sale of fur seal pups in the United States, Mexico, and Europe in general has been completely banned. Today, the EU is even considered a sign of bad taste appearance in public places in outerwear fur seal pups.

Poster shares IFAW to save the Greenland tyulenyaNe Despite all this, in Russia only in 2009 through the efforts of the public and international environmental organizations by the Russian Government had banned the hunting of baby seals. This happened due to, inter alia, participation in protest of famous Russian people — artists, musicians, filmmakers, academics, journalists, athletes ...

But today hunting seal pups continues — a massive and inhumane killing of baby seals are not banned in Canada, Namibia and Norway. But the world community continues to struggle. In August 2010, the EU imposed a ban on the trade of all kinds of seal products, making any illegal trade of seal products, produced as a result of commercial fishing. IFAW expects that this will put an end to seal hunting in those countries.

15 as of March, the International Day of pups, many countries are a variety of events, demonstrations and pickets against the killing of these animals. The Russian public and numerous environmental organizations have been all over the country in all sorts of activities and the protection of baby seals in order to attract public attention to this issue — the exhibition of children's drawings, photography exhibitions, demonstrations, flash mobs, etc. But in Russia remains open hunting for another four species of seals: The Caspian seal, Baikal seal, ringed seal, fur seal ...