Burgzonndeg — Fire Festival

known that the 13th day of the third month — the most best day of the year for all the witches and wizards (especially if that day falls on a Friday), because the number 13 has always been associated with the traditional thirteen covens of witches, and the number 3 — is a powerful magical number.

In This day is held annually in Luxembourg pagan fire festival called Burgzonndeg (Burgsonndeg), which ignited the countless fires, welcome spring and the birth of the new sun.

Young people climb the nearest hill and built a large fire to Note the change of the season. This fire symbolizes the victory of the sun over the winter.

He — the only preserved the tradition of the four lights that are lit traditionally the year, and the original values ??are no longer remember:
fire Lent, symbolizing the victory of the sun over the winter;
Easter fire representing the rebirth of nature;
St. John's fire, causing the summer solstice, and, finally,
fire of St. Martin, nursing attendant fall.

In the old days, to build a giant bonfire, young people went to the city and asked for the straw. There was also a certain ritual of lighting the fire. These pagan traditions and symbols (which also exist in neighboring countries) have been recognized and changed the church in handling the country to Christianity.

Burning a fire that adults in the previous centuries, usually seen as a duty, is increasingly becoming a pastime for teenagers, and is currently being organized by some village associations: Boy Scouts, community music, fire brigade.