National Thai Elephant Day

Take a look at the map of Thailand. Does not that resemble the shape of the country's head of an elephant with its trunk? Thais seem that way: the head of an imaginary elephant lies in the central part, the ears are turned to the north and east, and the trunk extends far to the south.

Thailand and elephants are inseparable: Throughout the long history of Thailand's elephants were a symbol of the deity is not only ordinary people but also in the royal dynasties. Elephants have been used repeatedly as a "heavy artillery" in the wars, the elephants were indispensable in the fields during planting and harvesting. It is not surprising that Thai elephants are extremely high respect and even reverence.

The most valuable and is considered a sacred white elephant — as soon as such a rare specimen is detected, it immediately becomes the property of the ruling monarchy. Interestingly, the reigning King of Thailand Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama IX) he holds a royal elephants.

In honor of these powerful, but, nevertheless, very gentle animals annually 13 March in Thailand celebrated the National Day of the Thai Elephant (National Thai Elephant Day). Celebration takes place on a specially equipped area about 80 kilometers north of Bangkok, the entrance to the holiday completely free. This is to ensure that as many visitors came to see and pay their respects to this most noble creations of nature.
Elephantiasis goodies procured in incredible, just "elephant" quantities (Photo: puwanai, Shutterstock)
At the festival you can see the elephants of all ages, from infants to the nimble two-month power of the elders . All the elephants dressed up in colorful blankets, jewelry is on his head, tusks, and even feet. All the heroes of the day with neterpniem waiting for one of the highlights of the celebration — the absorption of fruit. Elephant felled in the incredible goodies, simply "elephant" amounts — has a buffet of fresh fruit and vegetables, but also unchanged popular large cubes of ice, which are frozen whole pineapple, watermelon half, kukuruziny, not to mention apples, pears and peaches .

Many visitors to the elephant show, and especially children, sincerely wish their protectors and friends are "bon appetit".