Kite Festival in Thailand

Kite flying has always been for the people of this country, one of the most popular sports, and for centuries was under the patronage of the local monarchs. In recent years, interest in the entertainment world has intensified, leading to the creation of many interesting structures and improve the materials used for the manufacture of "kites».

Thai snake remarkable for their unique structure and style of flight. Conventional copies often do in the form of an owl, fish, snakes, or a human face, and their length and, as a rule, does not exceed 25 feet.

But the real snake for traditional competitions are divided into two main types: the Chula and Pakpao. Interestingly, Pakpao considered a "feminine" the serpent, and Chula — «masculine».

Chula is a sturdy large (193 cm long and 254 tall) Snakes on a bamboo frame, in the form of a five-pointed star. On the tail of it are a few bamboo as "rough" for the capture of "female" kites.

Pakpao, the true femininity is different deceptive fragility. This kite has a diamond shape, the length — of 75 and the height — 88 centimeters. The advantage Pakpao — this is an exceptional maneuverability. In addition, it has its own weapon — a loop that serves to capture the opponent. Playful, miniature Pakpao, managed by experts — is a formidable opponent.

Contest between "heterosexual" volatile structures is considered one of the most spectacular sights of the holiday wind. During the official tournament a special field in the center of the rope is divided into two halves. Chula team is against the wind, and the team Pakpao, respectively — in the wind. The meaning of the contest is to engage the enemy and drag it to its territory. For this purpose, "male" snakes use the so-called «barbs» (special spines). Well, "female" snake snap up rival "man" 12-foot Rope lasso, or its own tail, tangle and drag away at the half.

Interestingly, Thailand — this is the only country to launch kites require special rope that is made by hand from the bark of a local tree ban. First bark is soaked in water for two weeks, then the resultant raw batter long wooden hammer and the comb to give a result stronger short fibers, of which the rope and braid. This process is a long and laborious, since the length of the standard cord for a "women's" snake — about 100 meters, and for the "male" — 300 meters.

So Pakpao team required a total of 300 meters of rope and team Chula — as much as 900 meters! And now calculate how long it takes to manufacture all the necessary material, if a skilled craftsman is able to weave a day not more than 6 meters of cord. However, such a product is durable, and that respects, can last more than one season.

Another highlight of the festival is the parade of masterpieces zmeestroeniya domestic and international, as well as demonstration of the sport kites. Especially a lot of the participants come from Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Korea, well presented and countries such as England, Sweden, New Zealand, USA and Australia. Simple tourists, too, have something to entertain themselves: they have the opportunity not only to watch the flight, but also to visit exhibitions, buy souvenirs and become familiar with the cuisine.