Day of national heroism on the formation of the Ural Volunteer Tank Corps during World War II

Festival — one marking the feat of the Soviet people during the World War II — appeared in the calendar in 2012, when the governor of the Sverdlovsk region issued a decree. His story began in 1943: at that time there was the 10th Guards Ural-Lvov, Order of the October Revolution, Red Banner, Order of Suvorov and Kutuzov, voluntary Tank Division of the Marshal of the Soviet Union in .

This was a long title, which highlights the importance of the division, is hiding quite a feat — and a feat not only military but also labor. A feat that was going on in the rear, hands working the Urals.

Volunteer Panzer Corps has a unique gift of working the front. Everything you need — from buttons for the form to the T-34 tanks — workers made over the plan or purchased on their own savings. Thus, the state has spent on the formation of the division a single penny.

The idea came in 1942, when continued fighting in Stalingrad. And in early 1943, the newspaper "Ural worker" has published an article entitled "Tank Corps — over the plan," in which Sverdlovsk tank builders committed overfulfill production plans and allocate part of their earnings to equip the body of weapons and uniforms. They were supported by factory workers in Chelyabinsk and Molotov (Perm) regions.

He served in the tank corps and the heroic people — the best warriors of the Urals. 115,000 people have applied to serve in it are selected 9660. And those lucky enough to have justified confidence. Thanks to their courage Ural Volunteer Tank Corps was truly legendary, getting to Berlin and Prague, and received numerous awards. In autumn 1945 the corps was renamed the 10th Guards Division Ural-Lvov tank division.

Holiday, although not yet have any special traditions because of his youth, for sure will be a good occasion to recall the heroic work of our ancestors. And the workers of the Urals can once again speak well of his predecessors who had committed a real feat of labor.