Day of private security agencies

11 March in 1992, Russia adopted a law "On private detective and security activity." In honor of that date, employees of security agencies and private investigators have established their own professional holiday.

Interestingly, only in 2009 in the Common directory of occupations Russia has a new line — the "security guard". Meanwhile, by the beginning of 2010 in Russia there were 27.5 thousand private security organizations (ORR) and worked almost 720,000 licensed security guards. As of 2011, ORR provided security almost half a million objects, and the state security organizations were registered 641,000 employees. 183,000 of them have worked with the use of weapons.

According to statistics, most of the guards — former police officers (almost 100,000 people) and retired military personnel. Also in this profession often come to people who worked primarily in the state security and other law enforcement agencies.

His might consider this holiday and private detectives. So in Russia called people registered as individual entrepreneurs, and received a license for the detective (detective) activity. Under the law, a private investigator can provide several types of service: to collect information on civil and criminal cases, to study the market and gather information for business negotiations and the prevention of unfair competition, to find out biographical information about citizens with their consent, to search for the missing, as well as lost property .

By celebrating today can join and bodyguards. Despite the fact that this profession has no official status, in fact, it has long existed in our country at the present time in Russia there are about 8,000 guards employed on a regular basis.

Scale events on the Day of employees in private security agencies not conducted. However, many organizations active in this area, be sure to congratulate the workers on their professional holiday, marking the most distinguished of them gifts and premiums.