Archives Day

10 March in Russia marks Day of archives. While this is only an informal professional holiday, as it was set only the decision of the Federal Archival Service of Russia March 5 in 2003, and did not pass the full procedure for setting up trade events, prescribed in the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation from on January 20 2000 N 84 "On approval of rules for establishing professional holidays and memorial days."

The date chosen is related to an event occurring February 28 in 1720, under the new calculation day falls on March 10.

February 28, 1720 Peter was signed Russia's first public act — "General Statutes or regulations."

He defined the basis for the organization of public administration in the country and introduced in all state government archives and public office actuary (archivist), which was to "diligently collect the letters, add-registers repair, sheet peremechivat ...".

reforms of Peter I laid the foundation of the State Archival Service of Russia. Archive service is intended to convey to us a documentary and an integral part of the historical and cultural heritage of the peoples of the Russian Federation. Archives contain the information necessary to ensure national sovereignty and national security of Russia and its foreign policy, the effective functioning of all state structures, the development of national science and culture.

Archives or archive documents continuously and diligently to expand. They reflect the material and spiritual life of society, are priceless historical, scientific, social, political, economic and cultural significance.

In 2008, the archives of the Russian Federation, storing more than 609 million items in various media, the earliest of which date from the 11th century, and the most recent — the present day. Approximate length of shelves on which the archive documents, is 8,500 kilometers.

The volume of archival documents from archives of the Russian Federation held in state and municipal archives, each year increases by about 1.7 million units storage.

Archives provide permanent storage and use of documents from archives of the Russian Federation, thus contributing to a strengthening of federalism, the formation of civil society, the establishment of the rule of law and conflict prevention, the formation of a democratic image of our country in the international arena . Also, no less important archives have to educate the Russians for citizenship, patriotism and tolerance.