Teacher's Day in Lebanon

Teacher's Day in Lebanon (Teachers' Day in Lebanon) — one of the most popular professional holidays, enjoying well-deserved recognition. Interestingly, the celebrations begin March 3 and continue for a week, culminating in the climactic March 9.

teaching profession is the hardest, the most humane, the most kind and most necessary, because the teacher is designed to establish and improve a person.

The teacher — a man of extraordinary energy, always in search, and thus it completely disinterested shares his experiences with those who need his help.

Lebanese teachers are no exception. By his example, great patience, love and tolerance teachers inspire students. Lebanon ordered all schools to follow the pre-compiled and approved by the Ministry of Education Colloquium.

Private schools, of which about 1400 in Lebanon, is sometimes added to the curriculum of other subjects, previously agreeing them with the Ministry of Education. The main school subjects are math, science, Arabic, and a second foreign language — French or English.

But the teacher — is not only a person who teaches science, but also the support of spirituality and moral principle.