Day surveyor Ukraine

professional holiday — Day of the land surveyor (Day zemleporyadnika) — notes in Ukraine every year since 2000 on the second Saturday of March. The date is set by the Decree of the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma number 1556/99 from December 11 1999 "On the bottom of the surveyor" in support of the initiative of the State Committee for Land Resources and Land Surveyors Union of Ukraine and in the light of land reform for the rational use and conservation of land resources.

The evolution of society has always been connected with the land, which is now the primary means of human existence and the source of wealth. Operating in the Ukraine State Land Cadastre, which serves as an instrument of the state in the implementation of the influences on the sustainable use and conservation of land resources.

The main objective of land management is the protection of land resources, creating a favorable ecological environment and the formation of a rational system of land use, as a means of production and the basis for human settlement and the establishment of industrial infrastructure.

In addition to the Land Registry in Ukraine have laws governing land management — "On Land Management" (2003), "On the division of state and communal property" (2004), as well as the relevant legal acts. Article 5 of the Law "On Land Management" refers to the objects of Land Management — is the territory of Ukraine, the territory of the administrative-territorial units or parts thereof; territory land tenure or individual plots of land.

In Ukraine, the land surveyor profession has always enjoyed respect because that it is dedicated to the invaluable treasure of the country — its soil. Land managers shall ensure that the land is used efficiently and effectively. Depends on their professionalism, how-farming land is used, in what condition it is passed to offspring.