National Day frozen foodstuffs America

Since ancient times, people have sought ways to store a variety of products without loss their nutritional value. In different countries, with different climatic conditions and feeding habits always valued long-term storage methods, the most effective of which was considered freezing. Often used for this purpose a block of ice, which were cut down in the winter on the rivers or man-soaked hills and evolved into the deep cellars. This ice did not melt even in summer, serving as a kind of precursor of the modern refrigerator.

Currently saving products by different freezing methods are widely used all over the world, and even in America celebrated the National Day of frozen food (National Frozen Food Day). He is celebrated annually on March 6 — on this day in 1930 in Springfield (USA) first began selling frozen food. A revolution in the food industry has made Clarence Birdseye (Clarence Birdseye). According to reports, the idea of ??applying the methods of freezing food came to him while traveling by dog ??sled on the Canadian Labrador peninsula.

Clarence Birdseye was born in Brooklyn (New York) in 1886 and was one in a family of eight children. Since childhood, Clarence loved nature, he studied biology. His interest in nature and the environment has helped him find his first job — as a naturalist, U.S. Department of Agriculture. In 1912, he sent an expedition to Labrador (Canada), where traveling with a medical missionary William Grenfell. In the expedition, he learns about the big profits from hunting and breeding foxes for fur in Labrador. For five years, he travels long distances by dog ??sled, collecting furs for sale. During his travels, he got the idea for the business of frozen foods. He saved some money, he returned to the United States and opened a business there for the sale of frozen foods.

advent of frozen foods marked a significant progress in the technology of conservation. Today's methods allow frozen foods to retain maximum nutrients and vitamins. Perishable food (fish, meat, poultry, fruits and fruit juices, fruit and vegetables) are fed to the vicinity of the farm filling and packaging plant, where they are sorted, cleaned of all the excess, washed, packed and frozen, bringing the temperature to -60 ° C. S.

If you use high quality raw materials and all the technological requirements of the frozen product on its nutritional value almost as good as fresh. However, it is important that in the future they were stored and transported correctly — at a temperature not higher than -18 ° C.

became widespread frost and home products. The result was the demand for various kinds of home freezers, where the necessary temperature of about -18 °. Thus, today's professional holiday can rightfully celebrate and freezer equipment manufacturers. By the way, as you know, refrigerator was patented in 1899.