International Day of the dentist

Only a small part of mankind can avoid the problems of the teeth of patients suffering from gums, malocclusion. The main part of the world's population at least once in their lives suffered the same fate to sit in the dentist's chair. Fortunately, science and technology is developing at such a rapid rate over the past few decades trip to the dentist is becoming less and less like a medieval flogging.

Today, in many countries, there is a professional holiday dentist — International Day dentist (International Dentist Day). The choice of holiday dates — March 6 — served as one of the greatest inventions in the dental practice. In 1790, John Greenwood (John Greenwood), a dentist from Washington and personal dentist , was invented by a dental bur.

The first dental bur was a dental drill with a heavy foot drive that did not stop Greenwood produce to Washington four removable dental prosthesis. Interestingly, as the foot drive boron Greenwood adapted the wheel spinning wheel, which was used by his mother.

And only after more than a century, in 1907, there was an electric drill. Among the "teeth" of innovation — for the invention of the tube of toothpaste Dr. Washington Sheffield, release the world's first toothbrush with artificial synthetic nylon fibers instead of natural bristle.

International Day of dentist originally celebrated only in the U.S., having the status of a national professional holiday. But over the years the tradition of congratulating dentists in this day spread far beyond North America. One of the first countries became followers of India. Indispensable events on this day are considered lectures and education about the need for regular and thorough dental care. Particular attention is paid to the prevention of childhood caries.

As you know, February 9 {holiday-celebrated 180} International Day of dentist {/ holiday}, which is traditionally coincides with the day Saint Apollonia memory.