Day theater cashier

In 2009, the State Drama Theatre "Shelter comedian" which is located in St. Petersburg, proposed a new mark professional holiday — Day of the theater cashier. This initiative was supported by the leaders of other theaters. Ever since that day honoring representatives of much-needed profession, which actually starts the theater.

It cashiers help viewers navigate the rich theatrical life in cities, while providing material welfare theaters themselves.

On the first Monday of March directors of theaters, their employees congratulate their cashiers with their professional holiday. As a rule, can not do without gifts and words of gratitude for the daily work — albeit not always noticeable, but always important.

Of course, a lot of attention this holiday pay at the theater, which became its founder — in "Shelter comedian." Not surprisingly, there is a special treat every theater worker. At the time, "Shelter comedian", founded in 1987, has become a haven for many actors and directors who, for one reason or another were not able to fully realize their creative ideas in their "regular" theaters.