Earth Day

Around the world 20 Mar., on the initiative of the United Nations, celebrated Earth Day. Moreover, in the calendar of international festivals, there are two Earth Day — celebrated in today's The vernal equinox, and second22 April. The first has a peacekeeping and humanistic orientation, the second — the environmental.

Date March 20, has been selected and approved in 1971 by the UN for Earth Day, it is because at this time of the vernal equinox falls when changing biological rhythm of the planet, and it goes to the next stage of its development, when there is an awakening of nature and its update. The appeal says the UN: "Earth Day — it's a special time, which is intended to draw the attention of all people to the planet Earth as their common home, to feel our vsezemnuyu community and mutual dependence on each otherĀ».

Earth Day traces its origins to the Day of the Tree, dedicated to gardening (Photo: lightpoet , Shutterstock) The founder of this day is considered to be a prominent American public figure, John Morton, who in 1840 launched a campaign to plant trees and shrubs, in the framework of respect for the environment every citizen of the country. And when she was secretary of the Nebraska Territory, in 1872, he suggested a day that will be dedicated to gardening. Thus was the day the tree, which immediately became very popular. During the first day residents of about a million trees were planted, and soon their initiative has grown into a social movement. Since 1970, the meaning of the holiday has expanded to the general idea of ??environmental protection, and a new name — Earth Day, which became a national. In 1971, the United Nations officially adopted the holiday, and he later became a worldwide, each year getting increasingly broad international support.

Today is Earth Day — a global movement of civil initiatives in defense of the planet as a common global Houses, uniting a variety of activities and events, both environmental and ecological and peace. It's not so much a celebration as a reason to think again about the problems of fragile and vulnerable environment, the relationship between man and the problems of the world. In Russia celebrate Earth Day in the days of protection from environmental hazards.

Among the most popular activities in the protection and improvement of the environment, held on this day in different parts of our planet — it's environmental exhibitions and festivals marathons and conferences on the nature and cleaning of streets and areas in cities, planting trees and stopping traffic on the busy streets of major cities, cultural events and concerts ...

It is also worth noting that according to the tradition, each year in the Earth Day in most countries certainly made for one minute ring the Peace Bell, which is a symbol of peace, friendship and solidarity of all peoples, and a call to action for the preservation of culture and the best achievements of mankind. And the meaning of this ceremony is that during this moment, people are thinking about how to save our beautiful planet, how to improve your life on it, to feel part of the people and the Earth.

Opening of the campaign "Bell of Peace on Earth Day" at the International Centre-Museum im.Reriha March 20, 2008 (Photo: cosmonauts V. Afanasiev and A.Berezovoy) First Bell of Peace (Peace Bell) was cast in 1954 in memory of the tragedy Japanese cities, the nuclear bombing survivors, and set at UN headquarters in New York. It is cast from coins collected by children all over the world, it also fused medals, plaques other people in many countries. The inscription on the bell reads: "Long live the universal world peace." Then, like the bells began to set in other countries — Japan (1954), Germany, Poland, Turkey (1989), Mexico (1990), Australia (1992), Mongolia (1993), Canada (1996), Brazil (1997), Argentina (1998), Ecuador (1999), Uzbekistan (2003) and other countries. Russia has joined the campaign "Bell of Peace on Earth Day" in 1998.

There is at Earth Day and our flag with the image of one of the first pictures of our planet from space. It is a sign of awareness that only joint efforts can solve global environmental and social problems in the world. It is no coincidence that the event is actively supported by the astronauts. After all, they are the first to tell the world how beautiful and defenseless planet, and how it needs to caring for all of us.