World Day writer

World Day writer celebrated the decision of the 48th Congress of the International PEN (International PEN Club), held on 12-18 January 1986.

PEN was founded in London in 1921. Name of the organization — an abbreviation formed by the first letters of the English words Poets — Poets, Essayists — essayists, Novelists — novelists. Interestingly, the abbreviation in this case coincides with the word pen — translated to English — handle.

The idea of ??organizing an English novelist Catherine Amy Dawson Scott (Mrs. CA Dawson Scott). The first president of the PEN Club was (John Galsworthy). In 1923, the First International Congress of PEN in London, while the foam-centers have been established in 11 countries. Today, these centers operate in 130 countries.

World Day of the writer noted by the decision of the 48th Congress of International PEN, the international association of writers klubaEto, which, as stated in the Charter of PEN, "defends the principles of freedom of information within each country and among all nations. Instead it members commit to oppose the suppression of freedom of expression in all its forms in the countries and societies to which they belong, as well as throughout the world, wherever possible.

PEN stands for freedom of the press and against the arbitrary use of censorship in time of peace. PEN believes that the necessary progress of mankind to higher forms of political and economic organization requires a free criticism of government authorities and political institutions.

As freedom implies voluntary restraint, members of the PEN Club undertake to oppose such negative aspects of a free press as mendacious publication, deliberate falsification, misrepresentation or dishonest biased their interpretation for the sake of political, group and personal goals. "