National Day of women of color in the United States

March 1 in the U.S. national day of women of color (National Women of Color Day). It was installed by the U.S. National Institute of women of color (National Institute for Women of Color, NIWC) in 1986.

The main task of this institution — to create a community of indigenous women in Africa, India, Alaska, Asia, Spain, Latin America and the Pacific Islands, to solve their problems, to hold international conferences, develop strategies to protect the rights of women of color, to cooperate and learn each other's culture.

When the Institute was renamed the International Association of women of color, celebration of National automatically acquired the status of "international." However, outside the U.S. it almost does not say.

But in the U.S. on March 1 to any event on this holiday — the sacred duty of every women's organization, especially if its members are African-American, ispanoamerikanki, asian, representatives of numerous Native American peoples of the Americas or even more numerous nationalities Oceania.