Day hosting provider

In 2011, the people and organizations whose activities are related with the Internet, a new holiday called "Day of the hosting provider." Now hosters Russia will be able to celebrate a professional date March 1 of each year.

The establishment of the holiday was the case when changes are made to the calendar of dates on the initiative of commercial organizations. Idea of ??the Day hosting provider offered a director of the company "HostObzor" Peter Palamarchuck and the head of one of the divisions of the group of companies Filanko Matthew Alexeev.

¬ęThe fact that about hosting as a service and technology platform known only to specialists, but our work, though invisible, but indispensable. Creating our own holiday is nothing more than a tribute to those who day and night working on improving the storage and transmission of information ", — explained the creators of the Day hosting provider his venture.

Currently holiday refers to the number of informal. He has not yet received support from the state and is ranked in the official calendar dates. However, many companies are engaged in the provision of Internet hosting services, have already adopted this holiday as a professional.

In addition, hosting providers on an equal basis with other employees and users of the Internet can celebrate The World Information Society Day. It is celebrated 17 May.