World Civil Defence Day

annually 1 March is the World Day of Civil Defense (World Civil Defence Day). In 1931, on the initiative of a French general of medical services Georges St-Paul in Paris, founded the "Association of the Geneva Zones" — "security zones", to create a means of bilateral and multilateral agreements, local zones of safety in all countries.

Subsequently, the Association was transformed into the International Civil Defense (International Civil Defence Organisation, ICDO; Russian. — ICDO). In 1972, the ICDO received the status of an intergovernmental organization. Currently, the ICDO includes 50 countries, 16 other states have observer status.

World Civil Defence Day, established in 1990, is celebrated in the countries — members of the ICDO — to promote knowledge of the civil defense and raise the profile of the national rescue services. Day of March 1 was not chosen by chance. That same day, entered the ICDO, which approved the 18 states.

Among the activities of the ICDO should identify the following: preparation of national cadres in the field of management in times of emergency, the provision of technical assistance to States in establishing and improving emergency prevention and protection; advocacy experience and knowledge of civil defense and management during emergencies.

Training is held at the Training Center of Civil Defense in Switzerland.

Russian Emergencies Ministry has entered into the International Civil Defence in 1993, is in a constant representatives of the Secretariat of the ICDO and participates in all the major events held by the organization. Day of Civil Defence Emergency Russian celebrated 10-October.