Day forensic Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

1 March was formed in 1919 Forensic Service of the Russian Interior Ministry. The first forensic expert institution in the internal affairs of Imperial Russia can be considered medical advice at the Medical Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which was established December 31 in 1803.

December 9 1912 otrylsya first in Russia St. Petersburg Cabinet forensic science. The following year, a similar Cabinets scientific and forensic began operating in Moscow and Odessa, and later in Kiev. But short-lived named Cabinets, all of them were closed at the time of the February Revolution and the Civil War.

In the Soviet period March 1, 1919 began operating the Cabinet Forensic Tsentrorozyske RSFSR, which was the first expert division in the Internal Affairs of Russia.

First experts (and they were invited by the specific criminal experts) performed a small number of examinations, mainly on the study of various materials and documents. Over time, expanded types of studies, there was a need in the application of science and technology.

In the late 20's of the 20th century, the militia were established scientific and technical units (cabinets examination of the scientific and technical, scientific and technical units). An important role was played by the CPC on the basis of the decision of the RSFSR of June 28 1927 Exchange forensic experts in ESD NKVD.

Changing organizational structure of the expert divisions: Originating as part of the criminal investigation, they were transformed into scientific and technical services officers, and from 1964 to 1981 were part of the operational and technical service of the Interior.