Start the Mardi Gras — Carnival in the Czech Republic

Pancake Czech-called Masopust (Masopust). Translation of the word sounds like: a post from the meat.

Carnival begins after the feast of the Epiphany (Epiphany), or as it is also called, the Day of the Three Kings (Three Kings' Day), that is, after the January 6, and lasts until the beginning of Lent. Celebrated in the last week of the "Ash Wednesday» (Popelecni Streda), ie before the forty days of Lent.

The custom of having fun and revel in the end of the winter came to the Czech Republic in the 13th century in Germany (so, for example, in Moravia, instead of "Mardi Gras" speak "fashank" — a name derived from the German Fasching). The tradition is preserved, especially in the villages, but recently updated and in the cities. In Prague, for example, since 1933, a carnival in the quarter Zizkov.

Week, full of high jinks, starting with "Fat Thursday» («Tucny Ctvrtek»). On that day, a lot of eating and drinking, that being said, for the entire year had the strength. The main dish in the "Fat Thursday" is considered pork "dumplings", boiled for a couple with dumplings and cabbage. All washed down with a beer and a hot slivovitz.

During Carnival in large numbers to make classic, highly nutritious meals. Roasted duck, pigs, jellies, rolls and buns, Elite and yitrnitse. Elite is made from pork and pork blood, and served to the table with Lepenitza and yitrnitse — a sausage of minced pork and offal. Tlachenka with onions, fragrant Ovar asses soup, dried ham, baked sausages, grilled cheese Hermelin, mouth-watering sweets, and it's not the whole range of pancake. Symbol of Russian Carnival — pancakes, donuts and Mardi Gras is famous for.

At Shrovetide masquerades (in the last days of Mardi Gras), the Czechs usually dress up in hunters, brides and grooms, butchers, shopkeepers and other people's characters. Among them is necessarily bear mask — a guy who is a bear on a chain. Bear had to scare small children. You can see the mask of a horse and a Jew with a bag. Every Husband knows how to behave, for example, a Jew with a bag swearing loudly about podnosimyh Costumed gifts and treats, gifts he had to seem small and meager feast.

On the last Sunday arranged Mardi Gras Ball (particularly picturesque village balls). Everyone is dancing and having fun until the morning. In some villages, and even arrange ball on Monday, called it "muzhovsky", which means that dance can be only those who are married or single.

Mardi Gras — a time when idle all the laws and customs (of course, except for the criminal), the time when you can say and do almost anything on a normal day, even a normal person would think of. Jokes and rhymes no limit!

Ends Tuesday Mardi Gras masquerade big procession. In many places, the funeral bass — then ended balls and fun, it's time to begin to observe the Passover post.