Day aviation navigation service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Day Air navigation service in Ukraine appeared recently — in 2008 year. According to the order of the minister of defense, he should be celebrated annually February 28.

The purpose of making a new date in the calendar, as stated in official documents — to maintain the prestige of the Armed air navigation service Forces of Ukraine. Also, this action is aimed at "boosting military for conscientious performance of official duties, the development and improvement of aviation tradition of military-patriotic education┬╗.

Why chosen as the date of the holiday is Feb. 28, not reported, but happy birthday mate Service in Russia (and, therefore, in the Ukraine, then part of the country) is 24 March in 1916. That same day, the center was established aeronautical station. By the way, co-drivers of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation have chosen to professional holiday just this date.

It is known that the first navigators were officers of the artillery — and opted for this role solely those who not only knew how to adjust the firing in practice, but also had a mathematical background. During the First World War scorers retrained to become navigators and pilots provide flight maps.

The rapid development of air navigation service had a 20-30-ies of the last century. In that period, was made a flight from Moscow to New York, as well as flying in a complicated route "Moscow — Ankara — Tbilisi — Tehran — Termez — Kabul — Tashkent". To cope with these routes have helped pilots, navigators, flight parameters are calculated with the utmost precision.

The navigators are well respected in our time — not least because of the complexity of the work. The duties of the specialists in this profession is to collect sets of data that the navigator must analyze, compare and to give the pilot in the form of three numbers: the course, altitude and airspeed — not an easy task and is extremely responsible.