Festival wonderful birth in Australia

History is replete with examples of how at different times and in different cultures celebrated and honored by the majestic state of pregnancy, birth and the birth of a new life. But such celebrations were also an additional meaning — it is education of the mother-woman of inner strength and self-confidence to embark on the difficult path of the child and the dignity of his past.

In other words, the birth of a includes not only the physical birth of children. By birth is also implied and spiritual birth mothers — strong, competent, capable mothers who trust in themselves and their inner strength.

The meaning of the Festival a wonderful birthday (Beautiful Birth Festival) is just a celebration of the birth of the new the person honoring this important moment in the life of the family, as well as to practically help the woman in the child's upbringing and to attract the attention of interested organizations to the problems of mothers and children. The festival is held in the capital of South Australia, Adelaide, 27 February.

Managers Festival Committee beautiful birthday was formed in 2008. Interestingly, the initiators of the festival and the core committee were five working women raising 17 children. All five of extensive experience as a volunteer and professional in social support services for mothers and organizations.

The women themselves stress that the festival is to show once again that birth is a bright, beautiful and life-affirming experience that happy story of birth is much larger than the negative, talk about which is often prevalent in today's society.