Turitsa dedicated tour — one of the ancient Slavs worshiped among animals possessing magical powers. On the tour embodied union Velez and Perun to the glory and prosperity of the Slavic Rod.

Son of Veles and {holiday-Mokos {1658} / holiday}, tour, like the Greek Pan, the protector of shepherds and Guslyar buffoon youthful daring, games, dances and fun, as well as the groves and the beasts of the forest. Tour of the North presents a proud deer and elk in the boreal forest.

On this day, wondering for the whole next year, as the festival closes winter yuletide. 12-day Yuletide corresponds to 12 month of the year. Divination occur in the evening, after dark. Collect snow to whiten canvas. Snow, assembled this evening, thrown into a well, can save water for the whole year.

Slavs have seen in a holiday Tour of the ancient rite of initiation into manhood youth, when, incarnating the wolf, the young man had to demonstrate the ability of hunting and valor and fill up his first round.

Ancient Slavs took the example of these formidable animals that do not care about themselves, to protect the herd. They tried to teach the younger generation to attack and defend, to show resourcefulness and perseverance, endurance, courage, ability to unite to repel the enemy, protect the weak and find the weak point of the enemy.

Years tours, wild bulls, serving people as a symbol of honor and courage. Turih horns made of cups and cones, which are appealingly trumpeted in military campaigns, and of a particularly large horns made even bows.

But Turitsa also shepherd's holiday at this time invites the community to their shepherd for the next season , agrees with him about the work, trusting his precious flock for a long time. The shepherd, the servant of Veles, puts on a common table intoxicating drinks, and the community — meals and holiday celebrate their collusion.

Since then, the shepherd takes care of the herd, and the tour helped him in this case, protecting and preparing Young teen in February for calving cows from various afflictions and diseases.