George Washington's Birthday

February 22, 2012 the United States of America noted the 280th anniversary since the birth of the first President of the United States (George Washington), is considered a "founding father" of the country.

tradition to celebrate his birthday began in 1778, when two years have passed since the country's independence from Great Britain. In winter 1778 one of the military bands followed the little town Ouellet Forge, where the headquarters of George Washington, and performed in his honor several marches. Thus was born the tradition.

Today, unofficially marking the first birthday of the President, Americans remember not only his political and military qualities, but also his honesty. For the edification of the younger generation and tells the famous story of the cherry tree.

According to the records of one of the earliest biographers of George Washington, Mason Weems, Washington gave a small toy hatchet, and he's playing, chopped down a cherry beloved father. The angry father asked sternly, who cut down the cherry tree, and George, in spite of the fear of punishment, boldly replied, "I do not know how to lie. This I cut down her hatchet. " Thus, the President is from an early age — in the eyes of America — was a man with a clear conscience and confirmed that his great deeds and glory throughout life.

In memory of this event on the birthday of J. Washington at the table is served a traditional dessert — cake in the form of a cherry tree trunk, decorated with cherries.

Since the mid-1970s at the suggestion of the Congress, it was decided to celebrate the Day of memory of all the U.S. presidents. Officially, this feast is called {holiday-Presidents' Day} 237 {/ holiday}. It is celebrated on the third Monday of February, however, many states (especially in the south) are following the tradition of honoring the memory of only one of George Washington.