Day of land surveying and cartography and surveying services of Belarus

21 February celebrate their professional holiday of workers of one of the oldest services of Belarus, dealing with cartography and geodesy, to imagine the work of geologists and land surveyors, geographers and historians, without which it is impossible. Without maps — topographic, physical, political — not to do any military or tourists or students. Therefore the hard work of people representing us in full view of our country and the world, is particularly valuable.

The first documentary evidence of the state land acts, which are called riders refer to 1398. Even then, the Belarusians have measured the land and engaged in mapping. So it is a fairly ancient tradition. Since then, the state land office has undergone many reforms and reorganizations.

In 1997, there was another important event — two centuries after the break reunited land use and cartographic-geodesic service. Established the State Committee on Land Resources, Geodesy and Cartography of the Republic of Belarus. And since 2002 the service was also assigned the functions of the state registration of real estate rights and transactions.

At present, the total number of employees of the service is about five and a half thousand people. They perform a variety of tasks in the area of ??improving land tenure solutions of national problems of economic development, defense and security, inventory and real estate appraisal.