World Day guide

Today, many cities in the world — especially those who are centers of tourism — Celebrate World Day guide. When did this profession, you can not say for sure, but it is obvious that it is associated with the development of bilateral relations. Since then, both men started to travel, visit different cities and countries, it has become difficult to do without the help of professional guides.

In the middle of the last century, a tour guide could feel any educated person familiar with the history of a city. In this capacity, often working linguists, teachers of history, as well as students of the respective faculties. However, in the 70s of the 20th century requirements for increased professionalism of the tour guides, tour guides and began to call only the people who have undergone special training.

Currently guides are preparing several universities in the country, with specialization "Tourism". In the role of guides are the educated people, often even having a degree. Another two necessary conditions — basic knowledge of psychology, and right speech.

Day guide many of the world carry out a variety of events dedicated to the celebration. Thus, the Slovak Society of guides to this date plans walking through unusual routes. Latvian Association offers everyone a free tour of Riga. And in the United Arab Emirates for the Day of the guide timed discovery tour of one of the most beautiful mosques in the world.

Russian tourist industry workers World Day of the guide is also noted. In honor of the holiday, usually held forums and workshops where experts discuss the problems and prospects of the industry, share experiences and ideas.

Another great holiday, many tour guides point out May 18 — {holiday-in 717} International Museum Day {/ holiday}.