Day of Vassil Levski

19 February in Bulgaria celebrate Vassil Levski (Bulgarian Vasil Levski, the real name of Vasil Ivanov Kunchev, 1837 — February 18, 1873), an ardent Bulgarian revolutionary, ideologist and organizer of the liberation struggle of the Bulgarian people against the Ottoman oppressors.

February 18 in 1873 in Sofia Turkish court sentenced to death Levski was hanged. His short life filled with danger and stress, can actually serve as an example. Of course, for all Bulgarians, and he is such an example.

«I have dedicated myself fatherland, to serve him to death, and to work on the popular will," — writes Levski. For his full dedication and moral purity earned him the nickname "The Apostle of Freedom".

Although he was executed on February 18, they honor his memory on February 19. On this day, the monument to the poet in the center of Sofia, erected at the place of execution, flows the river of people with flowers and wreaths. At the monument will be played song of the 19th century, making speeches, recited poems.

A few years ago, near the family home Vasil Levski chapel was erected in his memory "All Bulgarian saints." The idea of ??the architect, the museum's board and everyone who supported this deal was that way, though not canonized by the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Levski was canonized by all Bulgarian people.

It stands next to the Bulgarian saints who gave their lives for the preservation of the Christian faith and the whole Bulgarian people. In this chapel is kept her hair Vasil Levski, and everyone who has visited his native home and chapel can see this most secret relic left over from the Apostle.