World day of protection of marine mammals ( whales Day )

Around the world 19 February is the World Day of marine mammals and whales Day (World Whale and Dolphin Day). And this date is considered the environmental protection is not only whales, but all marine mammals and various other creatures that live in the seas and oceans of our planet. This day was established in 1986, came into force moratorium on whaling, introduced by the International Whale Commission (IWC) (International Whaling Commission, IWC).

This moratorium exists until today, and means that the worldwide whaling and trade in whale meat is prohibited. Currently whaling is permitted exclusively to meet the needs of the indigenous population (the so-called native) and the removal of whales for scientific purposes under special permits IWC member governments.

First of all, the Day of whales — is to attract the public's attention , representatives of the government and of all humanity to the protection of this unique species of animals and of all marine mammals, which so far exist on our planet only 119 species. Intense and ruthless extermination of marine mammals and, in particular, whales, continued for more than 200 years, adversely affecting their population — many members of this group were on the verge of extinction.

And they — the most sensitive indicators the health of marine systems of the planet and an important link in the food chain of the oceans, they create stability of the biological cycle of substances in the ecological system. Therefore, reducing the number of whales and other marine animals leads to disruption of the biological balance in marine ecosystems. After all, every extinct species — is an irreplaceable loss — everything disappears in the animal world — disappears forever.

Despite the fact that the moratorium on whaling exists until today, and whaling is prohibited by the laws of most countries, the destruction of these animals terminated. In addition, a person of his work, unfortunately, is not always reasonable, has long been a negative impact on nature, changing it. For example, large marine mammals inflict losses fishing tackle, as well as oil pollution of the oceans due to geographic expansion of oil production offshore.

This state of affairs is not satisfied with the defense of marine mammals and all those who care for the future of our planet. To save marine life to this issue draws attention to the public. In many countries, there are clubs fans of these animals are marine reserves where his life is not in danger. And just on this day every year various environmental groups, environmental organizations and the public hold all sorts of actions to protect whales and other marine mammals, and various information events or devote this day one of the unique protection of the species, which is in mortal danger.

In Russia Day is celebrated marine mammals since 2002, and is of particular importance, as in the seas of our country inhabited by dozens of species of whales, dolphins, sea lions and seals, many of which are threatened with extinction and are listed in the Red Book of the Russian Federation and the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

For information, seas and oceans of the Earth have been exploited marine mammals long before the people. Findings confirm the existence of paleontologists whales and seals 26 million years ago. Cetaceans (Cetacea) — squad aquatic mammals which includes whales, dolphins and porpoises. Whales breathe air through the lungs, are warm-blooded, feed the young with milk. Blue whale — the largest creature on Earth, it sometimes reaches a weight of 200 tons. Whales are much given to people, whalebone, and spermaceti whale oil and bone meal. A recent study of whales seriously interested physicians. Keith — it's a beautiful symbol of life at sea, a large and powerful, but at the same time rather defenseless. And this is important to remember ...

should also be noted that there is one more date for events World Day of whales and dolphins23 July.