Presidents' Day USA

The history of today's Presidents Day holiday (Presidents' Day) leads since February 1782, when the city of Richmond, Virginia, held the first public celebration of the birth of (Washington's Birthday), the first President of the United States of America, born February 22 in 1732.

By the early 19th century, this day has become a real national holiday, which was known for performing luxury balls, in which prominent public figures delivered their speeches. Ordinary Americans at this time of feasting in a noisy tavern. There were some memorable events. How, for example, the celebration in 1850 in Los Angeles, California. City officials have organized a ball, which invited only the highest members of society. Offended lows in retaliation launched into the core of the burning hall, killing and injuring several decent amount of guests of honor ...

In 1885, it was announced on February 22 a national holiday in honor of of the birth of George Washington.

In 1971, came into effect legislative act of Congress, the purpose of which was to simplify the calendar motley U.S. federal holidays, shifting the celebration of some of them on Monday. Under this law came and Washington's birthday, which was officially celebrated on the third Monday in February.

But that's not all. Back in 1860, came to power another great American — (Abraham Lincoln), who, as president, joined the combatants in the civil war southern and northern states of the country and abolished slavery. His birthday (12 February) first noted in 1865, when both houses of Congress gathered to honor his memory. Although this day has never been declared a national holiday, it is still celebrated by Americans in many states.

(Richard Milhous Nixon) in 1971, gave the idea to rename Washington's birthday in the Presidents' Day by offering to honor not only one of Washington (in law) or Lincoln (according to the tradition of some of the states), but also others who have served their country in the post President of the United States. And although it has not turned into law, it is deeply ingrained in the public consciousness.

Thus, the third Monday in February, many celebrated as the Day of All the Presidents of the United States, although officially this holiday is the birthday of George Washington. Employees of state agencies in this day resting. For the same stores and supermarkets — this is just another reason to take advantage of three-day weekends and arrange the sale of winter models, weaving in advertising legends of the presidents of different times.