Day of Russian transport police

Transport Police Day celebrated in Russia February 18. This is an unofficial holiday of professional employees the Interior Ministry, responsible for law and order in transport ("the Office of transport"). History of the founding and development of the service traditionally associated with the construction of railways in Russia.

February 18, 1919 signed a decree "On the organization of the Interdepartmental Commission for the Protection of the railways." This ordinance may be called the first document adopted towards the creation of a system of rail transport. Over time, the service was formed in a strong federal structure.

It should be emphasized that from the very beginning of its existence, there has been a division of the Interior Ministry in the State a special status — because it was entrusted to professionals working to ensure the rule of law and protection of water , land and air highways of the country.

The main tasks of staff of the General Department of Transport Ministry of the Interior is the safety of passenger and freight traffic, counter-terrorism, proliferation of weapons, explosives, ammunition and drugs in all transport modes: rail, air, sea and river.

After the terrorist attack at Moscow airport "Domodedovo" in January 2011, which killed 36 people, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation to strengthen security measures at transportation facilities across the country. By the way, the program is to ensure the safety of transport, designed before 2014, will cost 46.7 billion rubles.