Ministry of Energy of Russia Day archive

According to experts, the story begins with the Russian energy sector in 1801 — in the early 19th century in Russia is developing 25 coal deposits. Subsequently, the Government is actively pursuing a policy of developing and strengthening the energy industry.

In the middle of the 19th century in the Russian Empire begins the official registration of mining. In 1855, coal production in the Russian Empire was 9 494 000 pounds (about 155 million tons).

In 1880, in Moscow, in the most popular places of leisure and entertainment were first electric street lights. And the next year in Moscow every evening light is 100 electrical lamps.

In 1895, in Russia, in the river Big Ohta in St. Petersburg, was put first hydro. In 1954, Obninsk, Kaluga region commissioned the world's first nuclear power plant capacity of 5 MW.

Of course, as a landmark achievement of the Russian energy sector and achieve local value will remain forever in the archival documents. It is thanks to the work of employees archive Russian Ministry of Energy, we know the exact and true story.

Today is the Day archive Russian Ministry of Energy. Archive dates back to 24 January in 1939, when it created the People's Commissariat of the USSR and electrical power plants. But historically, the founding date of the file is considered to be 16 February in 1939, when the duties of Supervisors has begun an archive of the Central Archives of EL Semenova and senior archivist Technical Archives JO Kulesh.

Archive — a structural unit of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the storage, acquisition, registration and use of archival documents generated in the activities of the Ministry and its predecessors.

Today, the Russian Ministry of Energy archive is being stored for more than 38 thousand units, representing more than 10 million pages of documents for the period from 1939 to the present. Provides continuous use of archive documents, more than 37% of all requests socio-legal character of the Ministry accounts for the archive.

History archive Russian Energy Ministry inextricably linked with the history of the Ministry, its transformations and reorganizations, but the principles and traditions archives are kept up to date.

Employees archive are professionally archival business to meet the needs of the state and the people in the formation of long-term social memory society, because without good record keeping and well-established archive, management will never be effective.