International Day for children with cancer

Day for children with cancer (International Childhood Cancer Day) , celebrate every year, many countries of the world. This date in the calendar first appeared in 2001 on the initiative of the World Confederation of parents of children with cancer. The first International Day was held 15 January in Luxembourg, but later it was decided to postpone the date for the month ahead.

Today is Children's Day with cancer conducted in more than 40 countries under the auspices of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology.

urgency of the problem, which is dedicated to today's action, unfortunately, growing. According to medical statistics, every year there are about 200,000 children develop cancer, half of them die.

The key to successful treatment of cancer is early detection. If the disease is detected in the first or second stages, treatment often leads to a favorable outcome. However tenth of cancer cases detected only in the third stage, while eight percent of children diagnosed him only the fourth step.

The difficulty is in the fact that so many forms of cancer — about 200, and the disease can start almost anywhere in the body. Children most often affects leukemia, or cancer of the blood.

In developed countries, where doctors have the necessary diagnostic equipment, is currently recovering three out of four children with cancer. In developing countries, the situation is reversed. It is in these countries, 80 percent of children living with cancer.

In Russia infant mortality from cancer is second only to deaths from injuries. Each year cancer are found in 12-15 juveniles out of every 100,000. Current treatments can save about 70 percent of sick children. Many of those who are still dying, could also survive. They can not save due to a lack of money, blood, and skilled care.

Given these factors, the activists of the International Day for children with cancer, today urged all concerned to provide all possible assistance to the people: to give blood, to make a charitable contribution to the funds, to be educated.

Recall that 4 February celebrated another date associated with the dreaded disease, — World Day Against Cancer .