Day of Saints Cyril and Methodius Catholic Church

Cyril and Methodius — Slav educators, patrons of Europe, the creators Slavic alphabet.

Nearly 861 years the two brothers in the Byzantine embassy in Khazar Khanate twice in Hersonissos, then were sent to the Emperor Michael III in Great Moravia, one of the largest countries in Central Europe at that time.

This mission was organized at the request of the Moravian Prince Rostislav (846 — 879), who sought to limit the influence of his principality in the German clergy and wanted to Christian doctrine preached by the Slavs in plain language, not in Latin.

Cyril and Methodius translated the books of Scripture from Greek into Slavic language and literature necessary for the implementation of worship. The basis of the transfer of them went to a well-known East-Bulgarian dialects.

Unlike other practiced in that era ways to write the Slavic language Slavic letter of Cyril and Methodius was a special complete system, designed to meet the specific characteristics of the Slavic language. For translations of texts they created a special alphabet — Glagolitic. The brothers have also trained local clergy officiate in Slavonic. This experience became widespread in neighboring lands inhabited by Slavs.

As a result of translation of Cyril and Methodius was established body of texts in Slavonic, which gave an idea of ??the basic rules of the Christian world, however, has been created and literary language capable at the same high level as the Greek and Latin, to serve all areas of life of the Slavic community.

In fact, the chronicles written already existed among the Slavs, and this is confirmed repeatedly by different sources. And scientists, and writers now points to it. In earlier centuries it was confirmed by the Lomonosov and Catherine, and Tatischev.

It should be noted that Cyril and Methodius created not really Slavic alphabet. They created the Church Slavonic alphabet for the Christian Church. Cyril and Methodius took the Old Slavonic drop cap, which had 49 letters, 5 letters thrown away because it was not in the Greek language of sounds, and 4 were given Greek names.

The contribution of these saints, is revered as a Catholic and the Orthodox Churches, of course is great.

First of all, thanks to Cyril and Methodius, we have a modern Russian alphabet. Second, they are first translated into Slavic Scripture and liturgical books. The most important thing is that they have taken the first steps toward that today we can celebrate the liturgy in their own language.

Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Day of Cyril and Methodius, Equal to the Apostles, teachers Slovenian, 24 May.