Day programmer

14 February — unofficial but widely celebrated in the professional world Day programmer. February 14, 1946 in the scientific world and all concerned were shown the first real working electronic computer ENIAC I (Electrical Numerical Integrator And Calculator).

Interesting that the work on the development of the first computer sponsored by the American army, which the computer was needed for military calculations, planning and programming. ENIAC I worked up to 23 hours 45 minutes 2 October 1955, and then was pulled.

Of course, there were more early computers, but it's all the prototypes and experimental options. If it comes to that, it was the first computer at Babbage's Analytical Engine ... But ENIAC was the first to go into operation on the practical tasks the computer. Incidentally, it is from ENIACa modern computers have inherited binary system.

ENIAC was developed to address a serious and necessary tasks of the time: for the calculation of ballistic tables of the army. In the army, there were departments dealing rating for ballistic tables for the needs of artillery and aviation. Working people in these departments for the posts of Army Calculator.

Of course, the power and performance of the "computing resources" of the army lacked. That's why computer science at the beginning of 1943 started to develop the concept of the new computing devices — computer ENIAC.

That's why February 14 is celebrated holiday — programmer.