Day of banking and financial workers in Belarus

3 December in 1921 the Council of People's Commissars of the Byelorussian SSR adopted a resolution on the organization's office in Minsk, the Belarusian state-owned bank. In this function the Belarusian office of the State Bank began on January 3 in 1922.

Since January of this date and originates history of formation and development of the banking system of Belarus. A professional holiday of banking and financial officers of the Republic celebrated on the first Sunday of January.

In 1923-1925 the country began to operate branches-union joint-stock banks: Industrial Bank, Co-operative Union, and since 1936 — Sorgbanka. B the years, a system of local banks. In 1923, he opened a bank worker Gomel, which is about a year later was converted to the local communal bank. In 1925 he founded the Belkommunbank.

The restructuring of the banking system from 1932 to 1959 in Belarus operated: Communal Bank, with branches offices of the USSR State Bank, Industrial Bank of the USSR, the Soviet Union Selkhozbank, and until 1957, the Soviet Union and Sorgbanka.

One of the most important functions of the state of the banking system, including Belarus, at all stages of its development was and still work on the organization of monetary circulation. In this regard, a significant event was the currency reform in 1947.

Fundamentally new stage began in the development of the banking system in the country with the acquisition of Belarusian independence. In December 1990, adopted the Law "On the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus" and "On Banks and Banking Activities in the Republic of Belarus." All banking institutions of the USSR on the territory of Belarus was declared her property.

On the basis of the Belarusian National Bank State Bank of the USSR established the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Specialized state banks transformed into joint-stock commercial: Belagroprombank Belvnesheconombank Belbusinessbank, Belpromstroibank and Savings Bank. At the turn of the 80-90s were created on the basis of equity and mutual commercial banks. Among them — Belarusbank, Priorbank, Brestkombank, Kompleksbank, People's Bank, BelSwissBank and others.