World Radio Day

World Radio Day — a young festival, it marked the first time only in 2012. A decision by the UNESCO in 2011. Date selected is not accidental — it 13 February 1946 first aired "UN Radio" station is located at the headquarters of the United Nations.

As they say the founders of the holiday, it should serve to strengthen cooperation between all those involved in the radio — whether it's major broadcasters or single-goers. UNESCO calls on all countries to take an active part in the World Day of Radio.

In honor of this holiday is now in many countries within the UNESCO, organized a variety of activities with the participation of broadcasters. Also on this day to any radio amateur is not shameful to send as many greeting radio messages to fellow hobby all over the world.

In World Radio Day, established by UNESCO, the fans of this kind of communication also point World Day ham. It falls on 18 April — on this day in 1925 in Paris, was created by the International Amateur Radio Union, which initiated the festival.

In some countries, including in Russia, there is also Radio Day — date more familiar to our countrymen, than the World Radio Day and International Day for amateur radio. Radio Day in our country celebrating May 7. It was on this day in 1895, Russian physicist held the first radio session.