International Day pancake

In one of the Tuesdays in February or March, which is usually the same with "fat" Tuesday, has one of the most notable events — the International Day pancake (International Pancake Day). Festival is held in Kansas (USA).

The first pancake festival was held in 1950. But in the English town of Albee he has been held for 500 years.

It began with the fact that somehow during Lent one of the city women secretly frying pancakes in his kitchen. Suddenly there was a bell ringing. The poor hostess was so scared that, forgetting everything else, rushed into the church ... straight from the frying pan and into the hands of skvorchaschimi her pancakes. That was in 1445.

Pancake zabegS since the townspeople organize the annual race with pancakes — women, certainly in dresses and aprons have to run a certain distance, tossing a pancake in a frying pan.

similar tradition exists in the Westminster School in London — a pancake, baked with horsehair, so it does not fall apart, throw in a frying pan, and then students trying to grab a larger piece.

So in Albee and liberals women each year are running through the streets with a frying pan in hand, flipping pancakes on the run. And the winner of the award is the kiss ringer, honor and respect.

Well, pancakes, which are not dropped from the pans during the race, then eaten together with spectators.

For reference, in the West thick pancakes called pancakes, that the Russian language is usually translated as pancakes. A thin pancakes — crepes.