Abraham Lincoln's Birthday

Until the mid-1970s February 12 in most states of America celebrated the birthday (Abraham Lincoln), the 16th President of the United States.

Now, this festival is celebrated together Happy Birthday , the first President, the third Monday in February, and is called the {holiday-Presidents Day} 237 {/ holiday}. However, many people in the United States and to this day do not forget the tradition February 12 — at the level of the national holiday of the State of Lincoln's Birthday is celebrated in Connecticut, Illinois, Missouri, New Jersey and New York.

Abraham Lincoln, whose face can be seen in the U.S. and whose name is called automobile company, including prominent political figures of the world has a special place. The Law on Homestead (from the English. Homestead — farm, land: the law provides the right of every American citizen to receive a piece of land, which eventually becomes the property) and the abolition of slavery — his outstanding contribution to the development of a genuine freedom of the individual.

Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC (Photo: Anna M. Bremmer, Shutterstock ) Lincoln knew and loved his people, and American citizens responded to him universal support. In November 1864 at the next elections, he was elected president for a second term.

His life ended tragically — shot in the head at Ford's Theater. A few years after the death of Abraham Lincoln in Washington, DC was established in memory of the President. And every year, the birthday of Abraham Lincoln, here lay a wreath.

Evaluating the role of Lincoln in the history of the great Russian writer 2686 LN said: "He was the one in the music than Beethoven, Dante — in poetry, Rafael — in painting, Christ — the philosophy of life."