Mardi Gras — " Fat Tuesday "

Mardi Gras (Mardi Gras) — in a literal translation from French is a resounding phrase means "Fat Tuesday" or even "skoromny Tuesday" (English Shrove Tuesday). The holiday is celebrated in many countries around the world on Tuesday, before the Great Catholic Lent preceding Easter.

It is a bustling and cheerful holiday, like Russian Shrovetide. Holiday is preceded by long and careful preparation. The hostesses are purchasing products for delicious and nourishing foods — that is what "Fat Tuesday." On the day of the carnival cuisine waft delicious smells of pancakes — what a carnival without pancakes?

There is only one "but" — "Mardi Gras" must be completed before midnight, before the environment. And here's why.

... Once upon a time lived in a village of hand-written beauty of Roses Latyulip. On the day of the holiday merry company fops-boyfriends went and drove to the dance Gabriel — beloved Rose. Deeply offended Gabriel, holding in the heart of anger and jealousy, was forced to watch the dancing from the side.

Exactly an hour before midnight on the court suddenly appeared gloomy appearance arrogant stranger and invited him to dance a beautiful Rose. Round and round dance in a pair of zipped. Faster and faster. Gabrielle ran into the night. And there stood impatiently shifting in place and carving hoof sparks jet black escort stranger. Out of his nostrils burst fire. Around the snow melted and the smell of sulfur. It was hell, but the stranger was Satan himself!

When the clock approached twelve, Rose could not remember himself, and a frenzy of dance has reached the limit. Satan's eyes, full of triumph shone. He knew that if we can keep the girl in the dance till the last hour strike, announcing the arrival of a new day, another soul is in his power. But the insidious plans have come true. In the remaining seconds Gabriel broke through the stunned crowd of revelers and snatched the unfortunate Rose of grasping hands of Satan ...