International Day movie

International Day movie — a celebration of Cinematographers — Employees of this amazing Art — and his fans all over the world.

December 28, 1895 in Paris at the "Grand Cafe" on the Boulevard des Capucines (not the Capuchins, as many are accustomed to) hosted the first session Cin?matographe Lumiere brothers. This date was the day of and the International Day movie.

Earlier, in the same 1895, the French Auguste and received a patent for the device invented by them, "Cinematograph . " 22 March in 1895 in Paris, the brothers organize the first ever film session. They show — so far only a small circle of friends — brief tape "Out of working with Lumiere Factory».

But the birthday of cinema believe it On December 28, in 1895, when a Parisian cafe on the Boulevard des Capucines Lumiere already presented to the public the world's first short film "Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat." It was the first film in the history of cinema, which was shown to the public for money.

Demonstration "Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat" has caused a real panic among the audience: they jumped from their seats and ran out of the room, fearing that approaching train on the screen to crush them ...

In the Russian premiere of the first film took place October 15 in 1908. It was the film "Ponizova libertines," directed by Vladimir Romashkova based on the folk song about Stenka Razin "Because of the island to the rod." It lasted the first Russian film just seven minutes.

Since then cinema has come a long way in the development and has undergone major changes, from silent films to sound, from black and white to color, from film to digital. And, as you know, films are of different genres: scientific, documentary, journalistic, artistic. And all over the world today hosts many different festivals: "Oscar», Moscow International Film Festival, "Golden Palm" at Cannes, Venice International Film Festival, "Berlinale», festival Lumiere Brothers and others.

Also in the different countries of the world are set Days of our national cinema. For example, Day of Russian Cinema celebrated annually on August 27.