Rescuer Day in Russia

Rescuer Day in Russia established by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 1306 on November 26, 1995 "On establishing the Day of rescue of the Russian Federation."

December 27, 1990 on the basis of the Decision of the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR formed Russian Rescue Corps. Date of adoption of this resolution is the time of formation of MES and is Rescuer Day.

The need for Emergency Situations in Russia was caused by the growing number of emergency situations (ES) of natural, technological and epidemiological nature. Such disasters are often the cause of death and suffering, the destruction of property.

emergencies arise during accidents on highways and water surfaces on the main pipelines, fires and explosions in residential buildings and social facilities for manufacturing equipment industrial facilities for detection and neutralization of unexploded ordnance in emissions of hazardous chemical and radioactive substances, terrorism, hurricanes, heavy rainfall and snowfall, floods, epidemics.

major role in search and rescue operations play a rescue officers. They are always the first ones there, where people need help: in the rubble of destroyed buildings in the smoke and flames of fires in mangled vehicles in flooded areas. They constantly are on duty, quickly react to any signals about the need to help people in distress.

In the bank rescue officers spent a lot of search and rescue operations, tens of thousands of lives saved, hundreds of thousands of cases of victim assistance.

Recall that Day of Civil Russian Defence Ministry of Emergency Situations is celebrated annually on October 4.