Kwanzaa festival in the U.S.

From 26 December on January 1 every year is celebrated primarily in the United States week Afro-American spiritual festival Kwanza (Kwanza). It is believed that this is the period of association and friendship between the two nations.

The first time Kwanzaa Week took place from 26 December 1966 on 1 January 1967.

In the holiday week Afro-Americans each evening gather around a large table, light the candles (the symbol of the festival) and discuss one of the principles of Kwanzaa, which is based on African culture. These principles are: self-determination, collective work and responsibility, combined economy, commitment, creativity and faith.

History of the holiday began in 1966, when African-Americans asserted their rights in the struggle for freedom and independence. It was at this time, Ron Karenga, the leader of the black nationalist United Slaves (Black Nationalist United Slaves Organization), proposed the idea of ??celebrating Kwanzaa for African-Americans in the U.S. as an alternative to Christmas.

Kwanzaa in the language of the Svahili ( Swahili — vernacular African continent) is the «matunda ya kwanza» — «the first fruit of the harvest." Sometimes the name of the holiday is supplemented by a further letter "a" — Kwanzaa (Kwanzaa). Additional letter "a", according to one version, was added by Ron Karenga and attunement to add "volume" name.