Royal Regatta

Royal Hobart Regatta (Royal Hobart Regatta) was held for the first time in 1838. And since then, remains one of the most popular annual events in Australia and the oldest sporting event in Tasmania. The regatta is held in February for three days, from Saturday to Monday. On Monday, the day of the completion of the race, set a national holiday. At the time of the competition navigation on the River Derwent stops completely.

Start event almost two years ago, gave the Governor of Tasmania, Sir John Franklin. Franklin has provided free food and beer all viewers, this tradition — snacks and drinks by the organizers — is still alive to this day. Then the governor announced the second Monday of February an official holiday, and now it is the oldest public holiday in Australia (even Australia Day is celebrated only in 1935!).

Regatta held on the territory known as the Regatta Ground. Today, there is also the Cenotaph — the war memorial dedicated to the victims Tasmanians.

traditional royal regatta gathers to see a huge number of spectators. Loved it and the participants. Not least because the event is under the auspices of the Royal Australian Navy, which annually sends warship — to be the flagship of the regatta. Support the event and the Royal Air Force, providing not just shoot from the air, but also the colorful air show. And Australia's elite military unit — Red Berets — demonstrate the wonders of sky-diving.

itself regatta include: sailing, boating, water skiing, boat races and swimming — participants must overcome the Derwent with a width of 1.6 km.

Mandatory event — the selection of the most beautiful girl "Miss Regatta┬╗.

In recent years, the contest directly to boaters added numerous entertainment shows — like the show heats and heats show for spectators — locals and tourists.