Christmas Eve at the Western Christian

Christmas Eve — the day before the holiday of Christmas. The name "Eve" is derived, is believed to be from the word "sochivo" — a special grain porridge, usually with honey and fruit.

traditionally eat "sochivo" put on the eve of the holiday until after the liturgy, which is connected to the evening. Tradition does not eat food until the first evening star, is associated with the memory of the phenomenon of Star in the East, heralded the birth of Christ. However, the charter of this tradition is not prescribed.

The whole ritual meal on Christmas Eve leads a father. Before the start of the feast read a passage from the Gospel of St. Luke about the birth of Christ and read the general family prayer.

During the dinner, present exchange wafers. Cachet — is unleavened bread plate, with shaped pattern, which symbolizes the body of Christ. Break off a piece of wafer, the one to whom it is presented, says the good wishes. This is a very moving and important event of the evening.

Ubiquitous and custom to leave the Christmas table unallocated space. If someone comes into the house on Christmas Day, it will be adopted as a brother. This custom — a sign of remembrance of loved ones and dear people who can not to this day celebrate a holiday with his family.