Day of the Russian Air Force long-range aircraft

Day distant Russian Air Force was established in 1999 by Chief of the Russian Air Force orders.

afternoon, laid the foundation for the development of long-range aviation in Russia, you can call December 23, 1913, when the first flew four-engine heavy bomber "Ilya Muromets" — the brainchild of legendary aircraft designer .

After exactly one year, December 23 in 1914, by decree of Emperor Nicholas II was formed by the world's first fleet of aircraft. This date is considered to be the creation of Russian long-range (strategic) aviation.

The fate of the squadron "Muromtsev" is not simple. Despite the fact that during World War II bomber made several hundred flights on loss of only one "Ilya Muromets", and in 1917 the squadron consisted of the twenty-bombers in September 1917, all the planes were burned, so as not to fall prey to the German troops, closely approached the place of deployment the squadron.

Decree of the Council of People's Commissars adopted March 22 in 1918, claimed the formation of the Northern Group of airplanes, "Ilya Muromets" — so began new stage in the development of long-range aircraft.

Later adopted long-range aviation was adopted bomber TB-3, designed under the direction of . Now armed with long-range aircraft, part of the strategic nuclear triad along with submarines and missiles are strategic Tu-160 bombers (15 bombers), Tu-95MS and Tu-22M3.

bomber Tu-95MS was developed over 50 years ago and is the world's strategic bomber, which are set turboprops. The Tu-22M3 are part of the long-range naval aviation.

One of the main tasks of Russian long-range aviation is a military defeat enemy targets at a distance of thousands of kilometers from home, as well as conducting operational and strategic aerial reconnaissance. And the personnel always performs its tasks to maintain combat readiness at a high level.