The World Day of Peace ( World Day of Prayer for Peace )

World Day of Peace (World Day of Peace) — this holiday Romano-Catholic Church, celebrated annually on January 1 in Day celebrations of Our Lady Mary.

December 8 in 1967, Pope Paul VI proclaimed World Day of Peace. Catholics this holiday called the Day of Prayer for the world world. For several years, it marked the first day of each new year.

December 17 in 1969, the General Assembly proclaimed the World Day of Peace official. A common slogan of the World Day of Peace, were the words: "Forgive, and you will find peaceĀ».

Fighting poverty to build peace on Earth, easing tension in international and inter-state relations, human rights and women's rights, economic development — here are some topics of the annual pre-holiday messages to the faithful of the pontiffs.

World Peace Day is a public holiday in the Vatican, and in Brazil as the International Day of brotherhood.