Day of Diplomatic Service of Ukraine

annually 22 December in the Ukraine celebrates the Day of Diplomatic Service, established by presidential decree number 1639/2005 of the November 21 in 2005. On this day in 1917 the Government of the Ukrainian People's Republic was created by the General Secretariat of International Affairs.

Service of Ukraine's foreign policy has a long tradition based primarily on the diplomatic experience of Kievan Rus, which maintained active relations with Byzantium, the Holy See, the German Empire, Poland, Hungary, France, the Scandinavian countries.

especially branched and dynamic external relations began during the reign of Prince Yaroslav the Wise (1019-1054). After the collapse of the ancient state, the promotion of Ukrainian diplomacy has become especially noticeable in the Cossack period.

In 1594, Sich first time in its history, becoming a full member of the international coalition, made a pact with the "Holy League" of the common struggle against the Ottoman Empire .

significantly expand international contacts with the arrival of the Cossacks hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky. After Khmelnytsky a great contribution to the development of Ukrainian diplomacy did Hetman Ivan Vygovskiy, and Philip Orlik. The next chance Ukrainian diplomacy will only appear in two centuries ...

creation and establishment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine as a full-fledged state structure associated with the creation in 1917 the Ukrainian People's Republic.

After adoption of the Act of Independence of Ukraine 24 August in 1991 to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was faced with new challenges related to the recognition of Ukraine on the international community, the establishment of diplomatic relations, the establishment of an effective network of its own diplomatic and consular missions of full-fledged reconstruction bilateral relations with foreign countries, and the approval of the acquisition of membership in major international organizations.

The achievement of positive results in these areas, as well as the inception of the basic concepts, the foreign policy of Ukraine is the main achievement of the Ukrainian diplomacy since independence.