Feast of St. Thomas in the Netherlands

Feast of St. Thomas is celebrated in Holland December 21 — in the shortest and darkest day of the year. This day is the last day of classes at the school before the Christmas holidays.

On this day in schools spread very fun tradition December 21, all pupils try as early as possible to come to class. Each incoming writes on the blackboard his name. And that disciple whose name appears on the list last the whole day will be teased, "Thomas sleepy." Know that in this day just a shame for a long time to sleep!

Even the teachers are afraid of being late to school that day. And it's not criticism from superiors, and fear of being branded thus "sleepy Thomas" for his students.

Usually for this day come to an end all the basic preparation for Christmas. Because the traditional belief has it that Christmas comes with Saint Thomas.

The night of December 21 to December 22 — the longest of the year, it was called the "night of the two loaves of bread." On this night, time to reach two turns baking. It is noteworthy that the same night of the furnaces is famous black Christmas bread in the shape of a star.