International Human Solidarity Day

December 22 in 2005, the General Assembly proclaimed that the International Human Solidarity Day (International Solidarity Day) is celebrated every year on December 20.

Solidarity — the unity of opinion and action, mutual aid and support to members of a social group based on common interests and the need to achieve a common group goals, shared responsibility.

International Human Solidarity Day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in its resolution on the holding of the first United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty. The resolution refers to the UN Millennium Declaration, which states that the solidarity in the 21st century will be one of the fundamental values ??of humanity.

International Human Solidarity Day highlights all media, including magazine articles, speeches at public events , notes in the weblogs of individuals, groups and organizations concerned.

The documents and materials that contribute to the promotion of the Day, you can see the emblem of the United Nations — the projection of the Earth centered on the North Pole, which covers all continents except Antarctica and four concentric circles representing the levels of longitude. The projection is surrounded by olive branches symbolizing peace.

International Human Solidarity Day is celebrated around the world, but is not a general holiday.